Spectrum Global Enterprises, Inc.

4335 Rowland Avenue, El Monte, CA 91731

Phone: 626.350.8830

Email: info@spectrumlighters.com

I.    How to apply for an authorized RMA#

a. Call or email Spectrum Global Enterprises, Inc. and ask for an RMA#. Have your item numbers, item quantities, and invoice numbers ready.

b. Merchandise must be returned within 60 days of shipment, NO EXCEPTIONS.

c. We will call you back within one to three business days with an authorized RMA#.

II. Shipping Merchandise back to Spectrum Global Enterprises, Inc.

a. We do not cover return shipping costs. All returns must be shipped at shipper’s expense. Returns must be prepaid, no exceptions.

b. Boxes being returned must have an issued RMA# printed clearly on the OUTSIDE OF EACH BOX, or our receiving department will refuse shipment. Refused boxes will be returned to your company at your expense.

c. Please ship with care. Merchandise must be returned in the same state they were sold, with their original display(s) and in their respective packaging. Merchandise dumped into boxes causes scratches and other imperfections. Please ship RMA merchandise to: Spectrum Global Enterprises, Inc. 4335 Rowland Ave. El Monte, CA 91731

d. Merchandise must be separated by item number.

III. Credit memo is issued when:

a. Once the merchandise has been received, it will be inspected to determine credit worthiness.

b. You will be issued a numbered credit memo within two weeks.

c. Do not deduct any credit until you have received a physical credit memo from Spectrum Global Enterprises, Inc.

d. You may apply your credit memo to any invoice of your choosing. A copy of the credit memo must be attached to your payment to ensure the proper invoice and credit is being applied.

e. Credit memo has no cash value and must be used within one year of issue.

IV. Merchandise purchased from other companies

a. Some of our products are similar in appearance to those of other manufacturers and suppliers. Please be cautious.

b. Merchandise from other companies will be refused and your company will be charged a processing fee of $50.00 plus the cost of shipping.

V. Processing fee for all non-defective merchandise

a. All merchandise being returned must be defective. Non-defective merchandise will be returned at your company’s expense and your company will also be charged a $50.00 processing fee.


Your sales representative may assist you with this process. However, they do not have the authority to issue any RMA#’s or change any of these procedures. Any questions or comments should be directed to Spectrum Global Enterprises, Inc. by phone at (626) 350-8830 or by email at info@spectrumlighters.com Following these procedures will allow us to keep our existing quality control far above industry standards. We appreciate your assistance in complying with our return policy.